Nicholas Dotson L.Ac. MSOM

 is a board certified practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He was originally drawn to Chinese Medicine as a teenager when acupuncture resolved chronic asthma that had bothered him for years. His training in Chinese Medicine was at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego CA. There he trained with internationally known practitioners of Chinese Medicine. Nicholas has a talent for treating pain conditions. His knowledge of orthopedic disorders and their treatment makes him the first choice if you have chronic or acute pain. He specializes in low back and knee pain.

Shelbi Bailor L.Ac., MSOM

 is also a board certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her journey to Chinese Medicine was the culmination of many experiences including travel in Asia where she encountered the power of Shiatsu. Shelbi did the bulk of her training at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego CA. There, she had specialized training in Japanese Meridian Therapy, a very gentle style of acupuncture that she still favors. Shelbi has had doula training and has worked as a prenatal massage therapist. She specializes in Women's health with an emphasis on infertility, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum health.
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